1. SQL VIEWs and what they are used for

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Restrict access to the data in such a way that a user can see and (sometimes) modify exactly what they need and no more. Summarize data from various tables which can be used to generate reports. Creating Views. Database views are created using the CREATE VIEW statement. Views can be created from a single table, multiple tables or another view.

SQL – Using Views – Tutorialspoint

Views can be used to provide security (ie: users can have access to views that only access certain columns in a table), views can provide additional security for updates, inserts, etc. Views also provide a way to alias column names (as do sp’s) but views are more of an isolation from the actual table.

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Views can also be used when you copy data to and from SQL Server to improve performance and to partition data. Types of Views. Besides the standard role of basic user-defined views, SQL Server provides the following types of views that serve special purposes in a database. Indexed Views An indexed view is a view that has been materialized.

Views – SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

By: Aaron Bertrand | Updated: 2016-10-04 | Comments (8) | Related: More > Views Problem. For as long as I have been working with SQL Server, I have watched people add ORDER BY to views for various reasons – most commonly, they are referencing the view in multiple queries, and want to avoid having to repeat an ORDER BY clause in each of those outer queries.

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Views are used along with JOINS in Sql to merge tables with specific information. Where Views? Views do not exist physically and stored in the database as objects. They are temporarily created for security purposes by hiding information from original table and encapsulating the table name.

What are VIEWS in SQL with Examples and explanation | Codingeek

Views are the simple subset of the table which is stored logically in a database means a view is a virtual table in the database whose contents are defined by a query.

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